05 NOV

Weekly Seminar: “GAL – Galileo for Gravity”

November 5th, 2014 ABSTRACT: GAL project aims the study and development of a state-of-the-art methodology for the determination of precise and high-resolution gravity field models. The key issue is the precise Kinematic Airborne Gravimetry (KAG), with the joint use of most recent techniques and technologies, such as EGNOS, GPS, Galileo and strapdown Inertial Measurement Units [...]

30 APR

Weekly Seminar: “GEMMA: a software solution for navigation algorithms analysis”

Speaker: M. Eulàlia Parés Title: GEMMA: a software solution for navigation algorithms analysis Abstract: The GEMMA system is a set of SW pieces allowing the validation of new trajectory determination algorithms. The system is made up of measurement generators, filters and analysers, as well as trajectory generators and analysers and, as its main component, a generic [...]

12 MAR

Weekly Seminar: “The remote sensing department of CTTC”

ABSTRACT: The speech will provide an introductory presentation to the Remote Sensing Department (RSE), one of the two departments of the Geomatics Division of CTTC. The presentation will outline the main research focus of RSE and describe some of its most important research activities, which include satellite radar interferometry, ground based radar interferometry, real-aperture-radar, etc. [...]