26 NOV

A journal article from Geomatics Division mentioned in ESA earth online

The journal article entitled “Use of Satellite SAR for Understanding Long-Term Human Occupation Dynamics in the Monsoonal Semi-Arid Plains of North Gujarat, India”  co-authored by Núria Devanthéry and Oriol Montserrat from the Geomatics division of CTTC, is mentioned in the earth online webpage of ESA as an example of using ENVISAT data for Archaelogical applications. [...]

18 SEP

RSE will be present at SPIE Remote Sensing 2014 conference

The researchers of the RSE department Núria Devanthery, Michele Crosetto, Oriol Monserrat, and María Cuevas-González in collaboration with Bruno Crippa, Univ. degli Studi di Milano (Italy), will present the paper titled “The PSIG chain: an approach to persistent scatterer interferometry” at the SPIE Remote Sensing 2014 conference. SPIE Remote Sensing 2014 is an important European [...]

12 MAR

Weekly Seminar: “The remote sensing department of CTTC”

ABSTRACT: The speech will provide an introductory presentation to the Remote Sensing Department (RSE), one of the two departments of the Geomatics Division of CTTC. The presentation will outline the main research focus of RSE and describe some of its most important research activities, which include satellite radar interferometry, ground based radar interferometry, real-aperture-radar, etc. [...]