08 SEP

GEON will be present at ION GNSS+ 2014

The researchers of the GEON department Eduard Angelats, Pere Molina, M. Eulàlia Parés and Ismael Colomina will present the paper titled “A parallax-based robust image matching for improving multisensor navigation in GNSS-denied environments” at the ION GNSS+ 2014. The researchers Ismael Colomina, Eduard Angelats and M. Eulàlia Parés contribute to the paper titled “Real-time Navigation [...]

04 JUN

The CTTC, represented by Dr. Ismael Colomina, participates as speaker of the Conference entitled “Tecnologías aplicables a la Vigilancia de Fronteras”

The CTTC, represented by Dr. Ismael Colomina (Director of Geomatics Division) participates as speaker of the Conference entitled “Tecnologías aplicables a la Vigilancia de Fronteras” that is going to be held on June 04th in the Dirección General de la Guardia Civil, Madrid. This Conference is organized by Fundación Círculo de Tecnologías para la Defensa [...]

30 APR

Weekly Seminar: “GEMMA: a software solution for navigation algorithms analysis”

Speaker: M. Eulàlia Parés Title: GEMMA: a software solution for navigation algorithms analysis Abstract: The GEMMA system is a set of SW pieces allowing the validation of new trajectory determination algorithms. The system is made up of measurement generators, filters and analysers, as well as trajectory generators and analysers and, as its main component, a generic [...]

17 MAR

Geomatics, the CTTC new division

From January 2014, the CTTC counts with a new division, to be added to the three we already had. The Geomatics division is the result of the merge of the prior Institute of Geomatics with the CTTC. At the same time, the new division is divided in two departments, each one centered in specific areas [...]

12 MAR

Weekly Seminar: “The remote sensing department of CTTC”

ABSTRACT: The speech will provide an introductory presentation to the Remote Sensing Department (RSE), one of the two departments of the Geomatics Division of CTTC. The presentation will outline the main research focus of RSE and describe some of its most important research activities, which include satellite radar interferometry, ground based radar interferometry, real-aperture-radar, etc. [...]

12 FEB

CTTC organizes the EuroCOW workshop on sensor calibration and orientation

The European Calibration and Orientation Workshop (EuroCOW), is a biennial event organized by the CTTC on behalf of the EuroSDR (European Spatial Data Research, Commission I: Sensors, Primary Data Acquisition and Georeferencing) and the ISPRS (International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, ICWG III/I: Sensor Modeling for Integrated Orientation and Navigation“). The EuroCOW 2014 is [...]