Data management and visualization

Data management

The GEON department is working in two topics regarding data management.

The first one is related to data modelling and abstraction. An incorrect – or non-existent – abstraction of the data entities represented in a data interface may lead to an unnecessary complexity in the software using such interface. A bad data model may also compromise the correct evolution of such software systems, since the incorporation of – apparently – new data entities will imply the ad hoc modification of the source code to cope with such changes. Specifically, in the context of trajectory determination systems, sensors play a very important role, since these are the main source of data to deal with. Sensors evolve continuously, and this continuous change must find its way in a correctly defined data interface if the aforementioned issues are to be avoided. The answer to this challenge is the proper definition of an abstraction describing the essential properties of the data involved in the interface. With ASTROLABE interface we propose a usable and efficient solution to this problem.

The second one is related to the development of platform independent tools supporting data analysis and the decision making process. Here, Automation and flexibility will be the key words.

Relevant related papers:

, , I. Colomina, M. Blázquez, ASTROLABE: A rigorous, geodetic-oriented data model for trajectory determination systems , ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information. March 2017.

, I. Colomina, On software Architecture Concepts for a Unified, Generic and Extensible Trajectory Determination System , in Proceedings of the ION GNSS+, 08-12 September 2015, Tampa, Florida (USA).

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Data visualization

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