Data acquisition

During the last ten years we have been working on the TAG concept (Trajectory, Attitude and Gravity system provider). The TAG family are a set of HW/SW systems for the Real Time determination of trajectories – i.e. navigation- from inertial, satellite, magnetic, barometric and other navigation sensors. These systems are, as well, time-tagged data acquisition systems as they stores the sensor measurements.

From a conceptual point of view, the systems have evolved from an INS/GNSS trajectory determination platform into the above more general concept to accommodate the various instrument and sensor configurations of modern navigation and orientation systems. Thus, the systems can be “configured” for GNSS alone based navigation systems, for classical hybrid INS/GNSS systems, for INS/GNSS systems augmented with other ancillary navigation sensors or for INS/GNSS systems with multiple IMU or multiple GNSS receivers to mention a few examples.


Figure: Modular and extensible platform and payload for indoor mapping

The TAG family systems are intended for operational as well as for development purposes. In particular, they allow for fast and incremental multi-sensor navigation systems integration.

More information on the TAG family systems can be found here.

Latest relevant  publications:

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