14 October 2014

Weekly Seminar: “Look bro! No hands! The experiences of the Geomatics division with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

ABSTRACT: Drones. That word, capable of evoking the worst fears to some of you -yet, also evoking some of our (the Geomatics division’s) best feelings and memories! Indeed, Geomatics and Unmanned Technology have come together since around thirty years now; so it is time to time to stop and look back to understand how they were born, what is the current scope of this technology and how we are managing to use it in our everyday work. You are welcome to come to the seminar – don’t worry, your privacy and safety are guaranteed.

Weekly seminar video:



 SPEAKER: Pere Molina (Andorra, 1982) holds a M.Sc. degree in Mathematics (UB, 2005) and a Master Degree in Advanced and Professional Mathematics (UB, 2007), finalized through a practicum work at the former Institute of Geomatics. After joining the IG, in which he performed research about innovative trajectory determination methods, he received a Master Degree in Airborne Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (Institute of Geomatics, 2009), concluded with a thesis focused on the use of multiple GNSS antennas to aid INS/GNSS systems for attitude determination.

His fields of interest are multi-sensor integration for navigation, navigation integrity for multi-sensor systems, and the uses of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for geomatic applications. He has participated in several R&D projects such as FP7 IEGLO and led the technical development in FP7 CLOSE-SEARCH, in which the IG was the consortium leader. He is currently working in the development of vision-based navigation systems within the project PERIGEO, related to the use of UAVs for space technology validation.